Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!! Over the past few years, I have enjoyed reading other people’s blogs and articles on Business Analysis. I am continuously inspired by various bloggers and have always wanted to share my own experiences in the BA profession with other people.

At the beginning of this year I promised myself that I would start my own blog and here I am writing my first post! It was quite a challenge coming up with a name for my blog! I slept on it and even googled how to come up with a blog name but alas nothing! I think I was overcomplicating the entire process as I wanted something catchy and something that would catch the eye of any aspiring or experienced Business Analyst. Analysis Paralysis I would say!

I was flicking through TV the other day and came across MTV unplugged where most songs are played acapella style without any music instruments. Then I thought to myself wait a minute how about Business Analysis Unplugged?

Why unplugged?

So often we as business analysts are caught up in the daily work of projects, stakeholder meetings, workshops, requirements documentation, deadlines, project status meetings  etc. – the list is endless! We are literally ‘plugged’ in the daily grind of work and what is required from us..

We don’t put aside time to think – think about problems, think about solutions, think about the best way of tackling a piece of work!!

Lets unplug for a bit from all the chaos around us! Take time out! Recharge! Refocus!

What better way than to go to a place where you can  read and brush up on your skills. A place where you can get insights into the BA profession and a place where you can share ideas and information.

I hope to make my blog a platform for knowledge sharing and with time a solid resource centre on Business Analysis. I am excited for the journey that lies ahead and hope to interact with aspiring and talented Business Analysts.

Yours in analysis


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